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475 Elite Training Project50 Program Overview


Project50 will have a collegiate focus and structure.  We want to create a true Junior High/High School to college pipeline.  We will do this through our Mentorship program, Program offerings and Community Engagement opportunities we have listed below. 


We also give students a submersive look into College Life by allowing them to select and manage their own program course schedule. Each program semester will be broken down into 3 week blocks.  Each week courses will be offered on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm - 8pm. Every program offering will have course credit hours associated with it, just like a college course would. Success Coaches and Leadership staff will assist with helping students develop their Project50 semester block schedule upon completion of registration.  


Program Eligibility - Students must schedule and complete a minimum of 30 course credit hours out of the 44 hours available each semester block.  


475 End Zone - Participant Incentives

This year 475 will introduce our reward store coined 475 End Zone.  475 End Zone will have tons of incentives for program participants. This includes: store and food gift cards, movie tickets,  power snacks, sports drinks and 475 Gear! Only redeemable by cashing in your 475 Bucks! What’s a 475 Buck and how do I get them? Program participants will be awarded 475 Bucks for attending courses, checking in with their success coach and engaging in our community events.  Every 475 Buck collected will allow participants to redeem them for goodies and gear out of 475 End Zone. See the rewards system break down for more details.  

Our Mentorship Program: Success Coaches (.5 Credit Hours)

Success Coaches partner with chronically absent youth to address the barriers that keep them from attending school every day. They are caring adults that support students and help them reach their potential educational outcomes.  475 Elite Training will have 15 success coaches that will work with local high school counselors and community college advisors, school athletic directors and community school directors.

Each student will be assigned a Success Coach that will meet with every student 1 time a week for 1 on 1 check-in as well.  


Our Curriculum : STEMLETICS 

The Most Fun, Interactive, and Effective STEM Curriculum Ever Created!

STEMLETICS is a dynamic STEM program that utilizes Sports as a vehicle to teach students the Math and Science involved in sports using Technology and Engineering. The combination of recreation and education makes our program super efficient and effective when teaching students about STEM. Through our curriculum, students develop the skills necessary to pursue relevant career fields all while having fun playing the sports they love. STEMLETICS is a one of a kind program that aligns with National Standards helping students excel profoundly in the classroom. Our efforts will create generations of future leaders who are genuinely interested and passionate about STEM fields. 


Our Program Offerings:

475 Mindfulness 

Mindfulness aims to contribute to healthier, more mindful and thriving communities. Mindfulness supports health and well-being for all. 475 Mindfulness will support players to develop stress resilience, grow as leaders, and increase well-being through the daily practice of mindfulness.


Health and Nutrition 

In our nutrition program participants will learn how to eat healthy, cook and grocery shop on a limited budget.Participants learn how to plan and budget for healthy, affordable, and delicious meals. 


Life Skills 

This self empowerment series will encourage youth to strive toward becoming life-long learners.  Participants will discover life management skills, character education development, anger management and career exploration. 


Study Table - Tutoring 

Students that need occasional homework help will have the opportunity to meet with a homework aid.  Tutoring must be scheduled. Please see Project50 program schedule for more details.  


SAT Prep 

Students will Prep for their SAT Test with practice test, study guides and videos.  We will have an expert work with the students on test taking strategies to achieve a high score.  Please see Project50 program schedule for more details. 


Community Engagement Events: 

  • College Life - Parents will learn how to understand college applications, apply for financial aid, how to read SAT test scores, how to work with school counselors and apply for scholarships 


  • Mindfulness in March - Ferris Wheel downtown Flint - parents and families will come learn about mindfulness and how it can impact their lives and the benefits it has on their students 


  • In March, during Reading Awareness month, 475 Elite Training we will host playBOOK - a school wide takeover inviting program participants, success coaches and community leaders to volunteer and read books at a local Flint Community School.

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